I develop

I help companies become more efficient by realising the full potential of automation and data-driven applications.

As a freelance Data Scientist/Engineer I will guide you through the process of developing your idea into a usable product. I will help you to create and implement innovative solutions and to identify possibilities for improvement within complex systems.

I thrive on creating data-driven solutions that can be acted on quickly and translate into real business value. I'm spezialized in providing such solutions in the form of web applications.

I have experience in various fields like machine learning, data engineering, process automation and web development. For my data projects I mainly use SQL, Python and a variety of different frameworks.

Process Automation

Automating repeateable processes to require less human intervention

Data Engineering

Wrangling data into usable datasets and building scalable data pipeline systems

Data Science

Building models using intricate algorithms to explain or predict behaviour

Hi, I'm David and a passionate Data Scientist/Engineer from Germany. I hold a master degree in business information systems and spent several years solving analytical problems and developing data driven applications.

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed finding ways to make all kinds of tasks more efficient. Whether it was learning for an exam or doing tedious routine work. By analysing the whole process in-depth, I quickly found ways to do them faster and more efficient while still getting the same or often even better results.

Especially in the business world, every major task involves a process that can usually be either optimized or solved with a new and better approach using modern technology. Helping my clients and readers by using different tools, frameworks and techniques to solve these challenges is what Datastigma is all about.